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Affiliate Program

We are proud to be able to offer an affiliate program to those who are required, by law, to have insurance that meets a certain standard. Whether you need to expand your health insurance through purchasing a smaller policy that will give you access to more out of network care providers (or make sure that you have access to certain kinds of care that your main insurance policy does not provide for) we can help you find the insurance policy that’s right for you.

Who is most likely to need an affiliate program?

Students and immigrants under the “resident alien” designation (Visa J-1 and J-2) are requires to have health insurance that meets certain requirements. Students are often able to get much of the care that they need through their campus health center (itself a form of health insurance) and only need to pick up an affiliate health insurance plan to cover the few things that aren’t offered in their on campus medical center.

Residents often have to purchase wider reaching insurance plans because they’re residents of the country, but often not fully eligible for state and federal health insurance plans. Though it’s common to try to find an affiliate health plan to reach the basic requirements, many people want to go beyond the basics. While the insurance offered is typically good for a healthy person not prone to accidents, life’s unpredictable nature (and the fact that few people are in perfect health, and ongoing pharmaceutical costs are expensive) means that many people who already have to purchase a basic affiliate health insurance program go the extra mile and get more services that are designed to offer them the maximum care in the event of sudden illness or accident.

It’s best to work with a representative to make sure that your affiliate program meets all of your health care needs.

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